5 Solid Reasons to Wear a Bow Tie


Many people ask me as when they can wear a bow tie or what is the best time to wear a bow tie? I tell them that they can wear it any time they like, but they are supposed to take care of a few things. There are different types of shapes and sizes available of a bow tie. You are supposed to wear them as per the occasion and your attire. If the color of your polka dot bow ties is screaming, then it will take the attention from your face. Contrast colors are also good, but you are supposed to find out which one is best suited for you.

Here are a couple of reasons why you should wear a bow tie?

It is different

If you want to look stylish and different, then this is the right choice for you. You don’t want to look like your neighbor or anyone else. Wearing a bow tie will allow you to be an individual and register your strong presence in peoples mind. You are special and so does wearing a bow tie will make you feel.

You Will Be In a Good Company

When you will wear a bow tie, you will be in the list of top notch guys. You will always have a good company because general populace is keeping a distance from wearing it only special people are making it their style statement.

You Can Do Things More Easily

Yes, that is right while wearing polka dot bow ties; you can do a whole lot of things without any problem. You will find a bow tie guy running around and taking part in other physical activities. Do you find it funny? Actually, this is the advantage of wearing a bow tie that you will feel free to take part in different activities. As they say that wearing a bow tie is cool.

You Will Look Like a Knowledgeable Person

You won’t believe this, but this is a reality that when people will see you wearing a bow tie, they will have a perception that you are a knowledgeable person. Have you ever noticed a guy who was wearing a bow tie at any of the wedding receptions you have attended recently? Do you remember what people were talking about that guy? According to a survey conducted by a fashion magazine, when people see a person wearing a bow tie assume that he has knowledge of the following things.

  • Science and technology
  • Cricket
  • Politics

This may sound different to you, would you like to check this, then find a guy who is wearing a stylish bow tie and try to get people’s perception about him.

You Can Use Adjusting Your Bow Tie as Punctuation

This will add to your style as well as conversational abilities that after cracking a joke you can adjust to your bow tie. Whenever you are complementing a lady or making an awkward comment, you can adjust your bow tie. Actually, it will take you from awkward situations as well as compliment you when you are creating a style of yours.

If after reading this you want to find out how to tie a bow tie, then you can see online videos for the same.

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