Is Christian of ‘PBB’ hurt by questions about his sexuality?

christian-111016Did former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Christian Morones feel insulted when he had to repeatedly dismiss questions about his sexuality? 

He answered that question during his appearance on the late night talk show “Tonight with Boy Abunda” on Thursday.

“It didn’t affect me much because I learned how to accept and to be more mature than they are,” he said. “Instead of thinking why did they say that, I think instead po na, ‘What makes them think that way po?’ Parang think in a more mature way than they do.”

He also accused those who called him gay as “insecure,” arguing: “I think they don’t know me that well po, in which they need to before they judge other people.”

Morones, who was evicted from the reality show, had to face questions regarding his sexuality because of his soft-spoken demeanor.

Asked about it during one of the episodes last month, he said: “I am not gay.”

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