Meet the characters of the new ‘JaDine’ serye

jadine2-08042016The newest teaser for “Till I Met You,” the upcoming teleserye starring James Reid and Nadine Lustre, doesn’t really offer much new footage, but it does attempt to clarify the relationships of the three main characters, or at least show how they will stand at the beginning of the series. 

According to the minute-long clip released Friday, Iris (Lustre) is reluctant at first to give her romance with Sebastian (Reid) a try, because she still has feelings for Alejandro (JC Santos), whom she described as her ideal man.

Things happen and Sebastian and Iris are set to walk down the aisle, with Alejandro appearing to also be at the wedding. It makes sense considering that it was Alejandro who actually introduced them to each other.

But unbeknown to Iris, it looks like Alejandro has feelings for Sebastian. One scene from the clip shows Alejandro giving Sebastian a gift on his wedding day, again highlighting the possibility that the series will tackle a gay storyline, as earlier teased by the trade trailer.

Any early complications are brushed aside, however, by the revelation that Sebastian and Iris will push through with their wedding, leaving fans wondering how the character of Alejandro will be used as a possible detriment to their love story, or if he will be playing that role at all.

“Till I Met You” is directed by Antoinette Jadaone, who has worked with both Lustre and Reid on “On the Wings of Love.” A premiere date has yet to be released by producer Dreamscape.

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